Company History & Contact

Founded in 1991 by Karen & Howard Proffitt, Rum Reggae Clothing is a handmade, limited-batch batik textile company.

Raised for generations on both sides of their family in Southern California, our founders instilled in their children the same values with which they were raised: good character & strong work ethic, quality-not-quantity, exploration & tolerance of other civilizations through travel experiences & history books alike, & the laid-back, respectful attitude of our surf culture… These are the beliefs that have run our company from the beginning. We have an office in California, one on Bali & the same factory where artisans have made our garments since we began, are still in the village of Pekalongan on the island of Java where the heritage of batik - often referred to as “wearable art” - predates written history. Batik is a craft often taught by parents to their children as a vocation, & Rum Reggae Clothing incorporates this idea with Karen & Howard’s middle son, Jay, & their youngest child, daughter Billie, in our business.

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