(Some) Available Motifs

It's difficult for us to communicate our answer when people ask -
"Can I view all your available prints on your website?"
Well, no, or at least not yet. This is because we have created tens of thousands of combinations amongst hundreds of motifs & colorways over the past 27 years. In short, I am taking photos as often as I can, searching through CD's of past catalogs & then I have to learn how to filter them for you guys to be able to search them on this website in an organized manner! I'm workin' on it, my friends!
Our best way of explaining Rum Reggae Clothing is that it is "wearable art" - yes, we are an apparel company, but every piece is handmade in the ancient process of batik, which is a medium of art. So it makes us kind of like an art gallery for clothes! Allow me to expand a little more...
Batik dates back to the 1st century across Africa & the entire continent of Asia. It is a method & process using wax, boiling water & dye on fabric & depending on the particulars, can get complicated... But simple or complex the result is almost always beautiful! Chops, which are like stamps, are either carved out of wood, or hand bent into patterns using a tape of metal.
Batik Chop
Depending on the colorway chosen for a certain motif, sometimes a second chop has to be made in the reverse pattern - like an embosser. This is to get the right colors in the right places without bleeding or muddling the dyes. However, the colorways (which dyes are chosen) can often take the same chop print & make it appear completely different! I.E. Below is the same motif, so only 1 chop, but in 2 different color combinations...
Shoots & Leaves
Pantone Blue
Bone, Hazel & Turquoise
I hope this makes a little more sense as to why I am struggling to provide an online catalog of "all" our available motifs.
If you are a wholesale account, until I can get a better handle on the organization of this element of our business, please poke around our website to find what you do like & always feel free to give us or your sales rep a call, or email us. We look forward to helping shops & companies navigate their options for orders!